Superior Long-Term Care Pharmacy Services

We can save you 24 nursing hours a month, on average. Below are just a few ways how we can help.

Makes checking in cycle a breeze!

No longer will your patients end up with double copays on 31 day months. So you get to save your residents money by switching.

We not only package them, but also manage reorders, store the meds to be sent at cycle, and add them to your eMAR.

No more missing meds because the pharmacy wasn’t on top of getting refills.

Stop wasting your time! This is something your pharmacy should do.

Easily drop cycle in minutes instead of hours.

Tired of talking to techs or an answering service after-hours? When you call us you talk to a pharmacist.

Reordering meds is simple with a web-base reordering platform.

Mountain Care Saves You Time

Our mentality is simple: the pharmacy should handle all things pharmacy related. Your facility should not spend hours every month on things like; repackaging and managing outside medications, medication destruction, and sorting/checking in your cycle delivery.


Exchange Bins & eMAR Verification

Cycle arrives at your facility in presorted totes that have been verified against what is active on your eMAR. When it comes time to drop cycle you simply pull the previous tote and drop the new tote. Each tote is labeled for the appropriate cart and drawer that it is meant for. This means you no longer need to spend an entire day, or more, checking in your cycle. It is ready to drop when it arrives.

Medication Exchange Cart

Repack Outside Meds

We fully manage all the outside meds that we repackage. We input the orders so they show on your eMAR. We order refills so the patient is never out of stock. We also include all routine meds in cycle. We store all excess medication at the pharmacy so you don’t have to take up extra space at your facility. 

omnicell bubble packs

Medication Destruction

It is pretty simple, you fill out the return log, make a copy, and send back the meds for destruction. The copy serves as your record of destruction. No more spending time destroying the medications yourself. 

packings of pills and capsules of medicines